My Private DNS Relay Server is Better Than Yours

Hai folks! Today we’re taking a closer look at two items I’ve been playing with recently, namely Namecoin and Raspbian.

Everything will start making sense at 1:56 …

On our last Namecoin adventure we learned how to leverage the system for the purposes of registering and browsing ‘.bit’ domains like wikileaks.bit. To do so we needed to install Namecoin-QT on our workstation and maintain a complete copy of the blockchain there, costing us a fair bit in time and disk space.

What if I told you we could just set this up once and then EVERY workstation on our network (or even all of the Interwebz!) could have .bit FQDN resolving powers?


Duh, let’s just put the software somewhere else on the network and make sure everyone can send name requests its way. We just received two more RPi3’s in the mail… Let’s put it on one of those! Continue reading “My Private DNS Relay Server is Better Than Yours”

Leveraging Alternative DNS for Fun and Cats! – avyenterprises.bit

In reaction to the Interwebz imploding last week and inspired by a recent speculation thread at the Cryptocurrency Collector’s Club I got to thinking about our old pal the Domain Name System and how it makes the world go round.

As we just saw it only takes a few centralized points to fail and all hell breaks loose.

Shayla Doesn't GAF
All Hell breaking loose in the Network Ops Center at AvY Enterprises HQ

Enter Namecoin:

Namecoin is a public blockchain that enables its participants to register and resolve ‘.bit’ domains independent of the existing, ICANN regulated DNS infrastructure. Its decentralized and pseudonymous nature lends well to both political dissidents and geeks alike who are just looking for a little more redundancy and immutability in their complex series of tubes.


As you may have guessed from the post’s title I already dove right in and if you really wanted you could continue reading this article at avyenterprises.bit/blog … and if you already are then congratulations! This will mostly just be a review for you so I hope you like cats.

… but we’ll get to all of that. First let’s back up and start from the beginning.

via BlueLight (NSFW)
via BlueLight (NSFW)

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