MOAR MEGAHASHES — A2 Terminator by Innosilicon

If you’ve been acquainted with me for any significant amount of time you probably already know just how addicted I’ve become to reinforcing my favorite public blockchains by mining crypto currencies.

You mean to tell me that I can sit on my ass all day turning electricity and coffee into cash money; all while supporting the networks that enable this venture?

You had me at ‘sit on my ass’!

So the contents of the mysterious package that recently appeared on Facebook should come as no surprise when revealed to be a used A2 Terminator I recently snagged for half the going rate on eBay.

Ta Da!
Ta Da!

This baby is capable of churning out over 100 million Scrypt hashes every second at about twice the efficiency of an equivalent G-Blade cluster so of course I scrambled to get everything plugged in and running just as soon as I heard the FedEx guy at the door. Time IS money, as they say. Continue reading “MOAR MEGAHASHES — A2 Terminator by Innosilicon”